assignment Montreal

The phone rang, “Chas Ray your assignment is to travel to Montreal to photograph the novelist, post punk musician, and French expatriate Maurice Dantec. Dantec is a major write in French language with his epic political science fiction novels. His last novel, Babylon Babies, is in film production featuring Vin Diesel. The photo you produce of Monsieur Dantec will accompany his forthcoming novel Artifact.” …I accepted. Booked a flight. Book a hotel room with modernist interior to serve as backdrop. Dantec arrived in total character, like he just stepped out of one of his novels; dark sunglasses, dressed in black, topped with a leather jacket. Smoking as only a Frenchman can, non stop. With a subject like this, who is self styled and calculating his own persona, just point the camera, compose and shoot. Done.


~ by chasray on February 21, 2008.

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