a man needs a hobby

“a man needs a hobby,” so the old saying goes. Well I’ve got a few of them. One is reworking my existing photos into a new context. For example when I’m in the park walking my little dog Lulu I  sometime photograph flowers along the way. Later using photoshop I’ll collage the flower images into and recombine with other photos. Its a little activity which I find more engaging than watching TV. The montage results are not great art but a source of self amusement. I refer to these the flower montages as Ordeal by Roses. My choice of title is a homage to the photo series of the same title by Japaneses photographer Eikoh Hosoe. His Ordeal by Roses (Barakei) was a series of surreal portraits commissioned by the great modern Japaneses writer Yukio Mishima, who committed ritual suicide in 1970.




~ by chasray on February 23, 2008.

One Response to “a man needs a hobby”

  1. hi chas. these are stunning. you continue to amaze and inspire. i am trying to make contact. art desires too loud to drown out… need a flatiron meeting. or saint james….?

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