Book: Kustom Kamera

Kustom Kamera has just been released by the UK publisher Korero Books. This collection, hard cover  with 206 pages, is a must-have for all the greasers, hot rodders, and kustom artists who loved Kustom Graphics, as well as fans of stunning cutting-edge photography. The nine photographers profiled here include Dirk Behlau, aka Pixel Eye, whose images are collected in Speed Kings; Richard Heeps, whose photography collections include Man’s Ruin and Rolled Out; Laurent Bagnard, winner of an International Automotive Media Gold Award for The Electroline Diaries; Austin-based Gayla Partridge of the stunning The Fantastical World of 666 Photography; and Columbus, Ohio-based Chas Ray Krider, known for his book Motel Fetish. From the West Coast, there is L.A.-based Shannon Brooke, whose credits include People magazine and Traditional Rod and Kulture Magazine; David Perry of Benicia, California, whose books include Hot Rod Pin-Ups and Hot Rod Pin-Ups II; pin-up photographer Roy Varga of Placentia, California; and Pacific Northwest hot rod photographer April May. Biographies of every artist are included, as well as detailed captions for each work and an extensive contact section. Available from  A limited number of signed copies available from Chas Ray.

Model: Sophie King

Model: Lucy Dominga

~ by chasray on September 10, 2010.

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