Sinical ~ Chas Ray Krider

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Current issue of Sincial magazine features photos by Chas Ray Krider plus interview.

Cover: Dita Von Teese         Available at:



Model: Isola August

one more French erotic pulp

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publisher: La Musardine, Paris    cover: Chas Ray Krider


French pulp novel

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Title Les Prédatrices translates to The Predatory Ones. Models: Nyxon and Ludella Hahn

Publisher: La Musardine, Paris


from Paris with love

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Motel Fetish poster now available: designed by Lorenzo Eroticolor, Paris
Two sizes: 13×16 at $30 and 24×30 at $75  US shipping available. Contact:



Turn out the light: Motel Fetish closed

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now in 614 Magazine, Sept issue: Turn Out the Light + interview…/turn-out-the-light-chas-ray-krid…/



French erotic pulp

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Esparbec, French Master of the Erotic, latest novel. Scéne d’amour conjugal (Scene of marital love)

Cover photo: Chas Ray Krider  Model: Nyxon



Chas Ray speaks

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Where do you work ?

I’m based in Columbus Ohio, US. An old store front serves as my studio. 

Describe your work

I’m interested in the narrative and cinematic possibilities within the still photograph.

I am mostly known for my sex noir approach to sexual imagery. 

What inspires you ? 

I don’ t rely on inspiration. I’m committed to the “Work.”  Work in the magick sense of the word.

“If you can’t be original, be inventive.” is one of my mantras.

Who are your main influences ?

Richard Lindner: iconic vocabulary

Irving Penn: lighting

Ralph Gibson: composition

William Burroughs: non linear thinking, “word is image, and image is word.”

Alfred Hitchcock: psychological suspense 

Film Noir: the mystery of shadow

All of surrealism

My friends

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