Santa digs Dirty Rendezvous

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Santa digs Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider. Available at Chas Ray Krider CollectionSanta 08 Robert.2014a

Holidays: Shop online, The Chas Ray Krider Collection

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Zippo Lighter at http://chasraykrider.comzippo_xmas

keep the X in Xmas

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Happy Holidays  (model: Isola August)


Angela Ryan cover, French pulp, published by La Musardine, Paris.

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it’s war in america

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“I got mine.”

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New book by Chas Ray Krider, get a signed copy direct,  Purchase online at Published by Goliath Books

I got mineNote: The use of this photograph is parody and satire, it is not an endorsement.


New Book by Chas Ray Krider

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Goliath Books has published a new solo book of Chas Ray Krider’s recent work. Titled Dirty Rendezvousthe book is hard cover, 192 pages, with 210 color photos. The book is available online at The Chas Ray Krider Collection.

Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider

Dirty Rendezvous by Chas Ray Krider


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